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The School Day

The School Day


The School Day

We are working towards 32.5 hours in EYFS/KS1 for September 2024 in line with guidance.

EYFS/KS1 - 32 hours and 5 minutes

KS2 - 32 hours and 55 minutes 


The pedestrian school gates at either side of the school (Morgans Road and Wilton Crescent) are open each morning and open again in the afternoon.   


Gates open at 8.35am

Children should be in class by 8.50 Reception/KS1 and 8.45 KS2 and parents/carers off the premises by 8.55


Gates open at 3.10pm

Children should be collected by parents/carers by 3.15 for Reception/KS1 and 3.20 for KS2.

Parents/carers should be off the school premises by 3.25


Please drop off and collect your child/ren promptly at the beginning and end of the day. 



Kids Connection in Hertford are stockists for our school. Hair accessories must be small and in line with school colours. Please go to the ‘uniform link’ to seek further guidance with regards to uniform. Children must adhere to uniform.



There is no parking for parents and visitors within the school grounds unless you have a disability and are a blue badge holder. If you need to use our disabled parking bay, please let us know. When parking, please bear in mind that we are situated in a residential area, please be considerate to our neighbours. Along Morgans Road we encourage a ‘one way’ system, to try to ease congestion and request that you always approach the school by coming up Queens Road and bearing right into Morgans Road, so that the school is on your left side. When leaving, please head along Morgans Road in the direction of County Hall.



If you have an appointment or are helping in a class, after dropping your child, please make your way around the outside of the school to the main entrance and sign in. If you are walking from the Mandeville building to leave at the Queen’s entrance or visit the school office you will need to walk outside the building, not through the school please.


Bikes and Scooters

We have a shelter for bikes and scooters situated outside both school buildings. If you would like to make use of these facilities, please contact the school office for a permit. For safety reasons, no bikes or scooters should be ridden within the school grounds.



Dogs are not permitted within the school grounds.


Healthy Eating

Children in Nursery, Reception, Years 1 and 2 are provided with a piece of fruit or vegetable as their snack each day. A water bottle should be provided every day with water, not squash. Children in Year 3 and above may bring a healthy snack each day for break time. All snacks and packed lunches should be healthy and not contain fizzy drinks, chocolate or crisps. As a nut free school, please ensure there are no items that contain nuts, including peanut butter and some cereal bars, etc…



For safety reasons, children should not wear jewellery or make-up, other than watches, studs in pierced ears and jewellery/make-up work for religious/cultural reasons. Jewellery which is deemed to be a risk to the wearer’s safety may not be worn in school. It is a Hertfordshire County safety directive that all jewellery must be removed by the child during any type of physical education activities.


Lost Property

Lost property is kept in a number of lost property boxes throughout the school and put on display at the end of each half term. Request for paper copies If you would like a paper copy of some information on our school website, please speak to a member of staff in the office who will provide this to you free of charge.