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PE and Sport Premium

Sport Premium Funding at Morgans 2019-20

Sport Premium Funding at Morgans 2020-21


The government is providing additional funding to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding is provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport and is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools.


Our Sports Premium Funding has enabled us to forge working partnerships with local sports providers. One of the key things that has been undertaken is the employment of specialist coaching provision from our local sports providers, to work alongside the teachers to provide specialist teaching to the children from Nursery through to Year 6. In addition, our sports partners have ensured that out teaching staff have a more in depth working knowledge of teaching and coaching strategies for the children's PE lessons. Our Sports Premium Funding over recent years has enabled us to take so many of our children to varied sporting events and other activities, broadening and deepening their knowledge and experience, as well as developing new skills and self-confidence.


Our long-term strategic plan has been to raise the profile of PE and sport and offer opportunities. We have aimed to:

• Engage with PE specialist teachers within the local community to develop CPD opportunities for school staff in-order-to improve the quality of PE provision

• Provide a wide range of extra-curricular sporting clubs and activities

• Support and engage the least active children through new or additional Change4Life clubs

• Organise and participate in Personal Challenges, Level 1 (Intra-school) and Level 2 (Inter-school)  competitions for our children

• Provide places for vulnerable pupils on after school sports clubs

• Celebrate the success of school sport teams and individual high level performances

• Foster strong links with local sports clubs

• Provide high quality and wide ranging resources We have been successful in providing the above and continue to grow on these successes.


Our sports team have worked hard to attain the Platinum Award for the School Games Mark during the school year 2021/22. We are now a Platinum school, and this award stands for one academic year. This is in recognition of the high level sport and PE and young leadership that is delivered at Morgans. All of our pupils have been eligible for the sports funding and every child has been given the opportunity to undertake these activities that we have not been able to previously offer. The funding has made a difference to our sport and PE participation. We continue to monitor the use of clubs and aim to monitor pupil participation. We will continue to monitor the use of clubs by our vulnerable groups to ensure that all children have an opportunity to reach their full potential.


For further details about Sports Premium Funding please click on the following link

Below you will see the funding allocation and how it has been used previously. It also shows the school contributions, which indicates how important we feel developing school sport is at Morgans for all our pupils.