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Morgans Primary School & Nursery

‘Nurturing Life - Long Learning’


A Welcome from the  Head Teacher


Welcome to Morgans Primary and Nursery School, quite simply the best school in the world!  I am honoured to be teaching at this fantastic learning hub and are constantly amazed with the many successes that our children achieve throughout their time at Morgans. I aim for every child to grow into a confident, resilient learner who has a thirst for learning and a love of their community.

I believe that all children will become effective, lifelong learners if they possess the skills and attributes that will help them develop a growth mindset and an ability to keep going even if they find things difficult. We have 7 Learning Powers that help our children achieve this:

Communication  Collaboration  Creativity  Craftsmanship  Curiosity  Confidence  Commitment

Here at Morgans we enrich our children through an exciting and empowering curriculum.  We choose interesting topics and always ask the children before we begin our planning what they would like to learn about. Plans are constantly adapted and tweaked to meet the needs and the interests of the pupils in order to engage and enable our learners to do the best learning they can.

I place great importance on learning and creating a learning community for children and adults both in school and beyond. We organise trips and residentials throughout the year to add to our children’s experiences. For example, we took our school’s Arts Council to parliament to debate with MPs the importance of the Arts in school. We have residential trips in year 5 and year 6 which include activities such as camping, sailing, riding, climbing, river studies, team building, canoeing, abseiling and many more! We take all our pupils from reception to year 6 on day visits which include zoos, the beach, museums, art galleries, theatres, history experiences and farms. All of these are carefully chosen to enhance and enrich our curriculum offer and ensure the children remember their time with us at Morgans, fondly.

Safeguarding our children is extremely important to us. We take great care in making sure that our policies reflect our practice and procedures. We are a nurturing school and follow and embed the principles of nurture in our practice and policies. We put the children at the centre of all of our decision making for the development of our school.

We teach our children to believe in themselves and give them skills to grow and develop and to reach their dreams. We praise often and celebrate and share all achievements - academic, social, sporting, artistic. The list goes on!

We work as one great team at Morgans. This includes children, staff, families, Governors, volunteers and other regular visitors. We have a parent council that work closely with staff to share ideas and plans. We have a thriving parent-teacher association called FOMS (friends of Morgans School). They are an incredible group of people who work tirelessly raising funds for the school. They organise fun events such as discos, book sales, fayres, cake sales and a huge community firework display!

Morgans is a really special place… we welcome you to visit and take a look around. Our staff have an open-door policy and you will always be welcome here.  Come and see what we are and what we do!

If you have any suggestions or questions, please email:

Helen Melidoro

Head Teacher