Teaching of Reading and Phonics

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Year 1-6

Phase 1 - Step by step guide for parents

Phase 2 - Step by step guide for parents 

Phase 3 - Step by step guide for parents

Phase 4 - Step by step guide for parents

Phase 5 - Step by step guide for parents

Phonics glossary for parents
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EYFS - Letter sent to parents 



At Morgans we teach phonics to the children in Reception all year. We understand how important phonic development and understanding is and how this underpins early reading and writing. 

Here is a useful link that shares more information about phonics and reading - 



We begin the year by teaching the children to hear and distinguish between different sounds and introduce and consolidate individual letter and sound correspondence. 

This link shares how to say the sounds correctly to support reading and phonics - 

Phonics: How to pronounce pure sounds | Oxford Owl


Very quickly the children begin blending more confidently and independently and at this point we introduce reading captions and sentences in class. This is another new skill for the children to develop as they need to understand the layout of words on a page and how to use spacing and punctuation. We consolidate this skill and support the children to read for meaning and understanding of a story. 

Here is a useful link that shows ideas to support blending - 



All of the time we are teaching phonics and early reading skills, we are assessing the children and monitoring what we can do next to support their understanding and what their next steps should be. Planning is adapted to meet the needs and development of all children and grouping is flexible to provide teaching and learning opportunities at the level that is needed. ‘Explore and Learn’ times are an ideal opportunity to consolidate and support all children in this key area. We have high expectations for all of our children in Reception and we understand that children learn and develop at their own pace and we provide opportunities to empower and enable children to move their learning forward. Reading and a love of books is such an important relationship to develop with early readers and therefore we provide many opportunities to read and listen to stories throughout the day and in many different ways.


Usually at this time we would be holding a Phonics and Early Reading meeting to share information and activities with you, but unfortunately, we are currently unable to do this due to the safety measures we have in place with regard to Covid-19. We are in the process of producing some videos that will be shared with you via the school website which will help to explain the teaching and learning of reading at Morgans. Please look out for additional information about this coming soon.   


We look forward to working with you to support your child as they embark on their reading journey. 

Please speak to your class teacher if you have any questions.

Reception Team

Please watch these videos to support your child at home:

Sound families - articulation of phonics 


Articulation of phonics





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