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‘Nurturing Life - Long Learning’

Learning Powers at Morgans

At Morgans school we use Building Learning Power as part of our aim to develop independent learners with a growth mindset. Lifelong learning is our birth right and we can continually develop our capacity to learn throughout our lives. Research suggests that there are several dispositions that we need to develop in order to become successful lifelong learners. Guy Claxton, who has created Building Learning Power, suggests that there are key learning dispositions.


We have called them our 7 Learning Powers and are known as


Creativity Champ (Purple)

Confidence Champ (Red)

Collaboration Champ (Blue)

Commitment Champ (Yellow)

Curiosity Champ (Green)

Craftsmanship Champ (White)

Communication Champ (Orange)


These dispositions are inherent in us all. They are not fixed at birth, or when we leave school; they can be developed by everyone regardless of “ability”, social background or age. In fact, ...there are NO limits to extending our learning power! How empowering is that? How liberating? How exciting?


We can think of these dispositions as being like groups of "learning muscles". Just as we can build our physical muscles with the right kinds of exercise, so we can exercise our learning muscles to develop their strength and stamina. Each of these dispositions is made up of a number of learning behaviours, which are called capacities. Because the learning capacities are quite specific in nature, they can be individually trained, nurtured and exercised.